International Material Data System (IMDS) Reporting Requirements – Dimensional Materials Only

Please note that this on-boarding method is only applicable for all Jaguar Land Rover suppliers who are required to submit IMDS data according to the reporting requirements in the RSMS, STJLR.99.9999.

The request for access requires the supplier to have an active IMDS account. To find out more please refer to the IMDS website

Compliance with the RSMS is consistent with Jaguar Land Rover’s environmental responsibility and conformance to governmental regulations around the globe. Full compliance is a requirement and key element of Q, PPAP/PSW and Programme Engineering Sign-off events.

The steps below outline the key milestones in the IMDS submission process:

What is Required?

Actions Required:

  • 1. Company Trade Name
  • 2. Ensure that your company’s products comply with Jaguar Land Rover’s RSMS requirements and that these requirements are communicated down your supply chain.
  • 3. Ensure that your company’s products are adequately reported in IMDS, with all GADSL substances declared.

Timeline Requirements for Compliance to this standard and IMDS Reporting

  1. For PCS programmes, any parts that contain substances that are identified with a current or future prohibition date, shall be identified in the Compliance Plan for Prohibited Substances – Appendix B) and submitted to the responsible Jaguar Land Rover Engineer before the gateway. The contents of this compliance plan shall include the compliance timing and the contact details of the Supplier representative who will manage the compliance actions. This compliance plan must be concurred by Jaguar Land Rover Materials Engineering. If no compliance plan is submitted by , it will be taken as the Supplier’s acknowledgment that they are in full compliance with this standard.
  2. Complete IMDS disclosure shall be submitted by the gateway.
  3. Parts in current production that are not disclosed in IMDS must be reported immediately.
  4. IMDS submissions that contain a substance with a current of future prohibition date will be rejected upon receipt, unless the supplier has completed the compliance plan in Appendix B.

STJLR.99.999 Compliance for Articles

JLR RSMS Governance

Global requirements collated from a variety of sources:

  • EU – from ACEA
  • US / Canada – from AIAG / Auto Alliance / JLR NA
  • China / AP – from ACEA / JLR China
  • Global – from Global Automotive Declarable Substance List ( (All IMDS OEMs subscribe to GADSL)
  • From global phase-out time-table, JLR phase-out requirements identified to ensure market requirements
  • STJLR.99.9999 updated annually

IMDS – Supporting References/ Documents

RSMS Related Documents:

GADSL (Global Automotive Declarable Substance list –
European Directive 2005/64/EC
CLP Regulation, 1272/2008
Biocidal Product Regulation 528/212

JLR Restricted Substance Management Standard (RSMS)