JLR GSI External Website – Uncontrolled Access

This website provides key information to Jaguar Land Rover suppliers. To support suppliers further, there is a dedicated Jaguar Land Rover Supplier Web Site which provides controlled access to confidential resources and information which can be found at []. Please note that a valid FSN-ID is required to access this site. If you haven’t got a valid FSN-ID please refer to the Covisint Registration page for information to assist you with applying for one.

Resources stored on this website include:

  • Downloadable version of the latest ‘PLM Statement of Work’ document.
  • Supplier Communications issued by JLR GSI
  • V5 Environment Pack:
    • V5 Part Numbering Tool
    • JLR V5 Drawing Border
    • JLR Start Parts
  • Access to Madcap [the JLR portal which stores all necessary working methods]
  • Supplier Integration Information:
    • Teamcenter Connectivity Process
    • Gaining Access to Teamcenter
    • Information about GSI’s Strategic Business Partner – ‘Majenta Solutions Ltd’

Many of these confidential resources found at are critical to the on-going supplier collaboration process
If you have any queries or you would like more information about obtaining the necessary details then please contact